Going Somewhere? We've Got the Perfect Companion.

March 16, 2014



The most wonderful memories are often created in foreign lands.  New discoveries, getting lost (then hopefully found!), getting your wallet stolen in Bologna...o.k. it may not have seemed that wonderful at the time, but I can actually look back and laugh about it now! 

I love to look back through my travel journals and read all the big events and the small day to day things that happened on my overseas trips.   I am so glad that I took some time every now and then to jot things down. 

Whether you are heading on the trip of a lifetime, or just going interstate to catch up with family. Taking the time to write while you are away, will be valued by you and most likely other members of your family in years to come.  It can become your own little reference book when you are talking to friends about the quaint little patisserie you visited...what was it called again?...just let me check my travel journal!   And what about all the fabulous photos plus the extra paraphernalia that seems to accumulate while you are away...ticket stubs, postcards, a receipt from THAT shop you had always wanted to visit.  I have a solution for that too!  Keep your travel memories perfectly organised with a gorgeous matching leather travel album.  

Our leather bound journals and photo albums are exquisitely hand crafted from archival quality materials ensuring that your precious memories are kept in pristine condition for many years to come. Make your hand bound book truly unique by having the date or travel destinations embossed on the cover.   From the more traditional style travel journals to soft covered leather wraps or bright and cheerful patterns, we have a design that will appeal to every style of traveller.

Know someone going somewhere?  A personalised album or journal makes a thoughtful and impressive 'bon voyage' gift.   Some of our most popular designs for travel are pictured below.  For our full range visit us in store or you can check out our online store here.



Bon Voyage,


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