Children's Artbooks

August 01, 2014

Is your fridge cluttered with paintings and drawings that you can't bear to part with?
Are you wondering what to do with all that kid's art?  It is just so precious but takes up so much room!  
A few years ago, we had a collection of artwork stored on a shelf that we didn't want to part with.  We thought it would be great to look back on, and thought our daughter would love to look at some of her previous work too.  It was then that we decided to bind it all into a hard covered book with her name and year on the front cover.  

Now, 3 children later, we are still compiling collections of artwork and having them bound into hard-covered books.  Each child has their own 'volumes' of artwork to keep and look at whenever they like.
After several requests from friends and customers to do something similar for them, we have decided to make this service available through our online store.  We have created a range of cover options - all Italian and Japanese paper designs with book cloth spines - for you to select from.  You then get to decide what you would like embossed as the 'title' on the front cover.
To order an Artbook for your child, just click the ORDER NOW at the end of this post, select the cover option you would like and enter what you would like embossed on the front cover in the text box provided. The books are A4 in size and can be bound in either portrait or landscape orientation, so once you have ordered your book make sure you roughly trim any larger artworks so the bits you would like are retained. Put the artwork in the order you would like and then post it to us with a copy of your receipt.
Your personalised artbook will be crafted and on it's way back to you within the week!  It can also make a great gift for grandparents or special friends and relatives.  
Check out these cute cover options! (More options available- click order now to see complete range)

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