Make You Dreams Reality in 2014

January 07, 2014

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It”

                                                                                 -Abraham Lincoln

The New Year is here!  Now that the dust has settled from the celebrations and we've had some recovery time, we can start to think about what lies ahead for 2014. I love the 'clean slate' mindset that sets in once the clock strikes 12 & we ring in the New Year. My head is full of dreams and plans and renewed motivation to do something about them.For me, a new journal is a must for every year. The blank pages of the new journal remind me that it is a new beginning, a year for me to conquer and achieve great things. I fill the first few pages with my goals and the actions required in reaching them. Every time I open my journal I can see what I am striving for and this keeps me on the path, working towards my goals.  I love looking back at my journals and seeing all that I've accomplished and how much has changed for me over the years.I can proudly say that for the most part, my goals are achieved throughout the year – sometimes with modification - and I attribute this to the fact that I write them down. It's like something magical happens when you put pen to paper rather than just keeping ideas in your head. It's a commitment to yourself and becomes a written reminder of your true aspirations. The real priorities emerge as you find the words to describe what it is you want from the year ahead.I have my 2014 journal picked out. It's been stamped with the year, ready to go. I have loads of ideas and plans waiting to be organised into actions towards my goals.

I can't wait to make my dreams reality.

What do you really want to achieve in 2014? If you've never put your goals down on paper before, I challenge you to try it. 

Remember, "A goal without a plan is just a wish" (Larry Elder)

Best wishes for the 2014. I hope this is the year that you truly make your dreams your reality.

Happy planning,


Belinda :)

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