Kaweco Collection Sport Fountain Pen - Toyama Teal


First designed in the 1930s, the German-made Kaweco Sport is a compact, reliable pen with an excellent vintage-meets-contemporary look.

The pen is very compact when capped - at 10.5cm it slips easily into a pocket or purse. When the cap is removed and 'posted' on the end of the barrel it extends to 13.3cm: a comfortable length for writing.

The pens of the Kaweco Collection offer a refreshing take on this classic style, introducing modern colours that show how adaptable the Sport's timeless style can be. This instalment in Dark Olive, pairs a deep green finish with a gold-stamped logo and gold-plated nib to create a gentle yet commanding pen with a soft military feel. 

  • 10.5cm length (up to 13.3cm with cap on end)
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Takes standard international refill cartridges or bottled ink
  • Includes blue ink

Made in Germany

Vendor: Kaweco

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