AL-Star Special Edition Rollerball - White Silver


A sharp, futuristic finish LAMY's special edition AL-star whitesilver combines a handwriting classic with a sci-fi edge to create a pen that's ahead of its time.

The LAMY AL-star is a stately writing instrument which satisfies even the most demanding pen-lover. Made of feather-light aluminium in an anodised metal finish, the LAMY AL-star’s transparent grip and spring-action metal clip are distinctive features that add to the bold feel of this standout pen. Well-balanced and easy to use, the AL-star is suitable for everyone, from school-age children to adults of all ages. The sleek whitesilver finish completes the look, delivering a clean, crisp feel with an air of precision and innovation.


  • Tip- Medium 1mm
  • Ink: Black
  • Length: 13.8cm
  • Materials:  Aluminium, stainless steel, chrome and plastic
  • designed by Wolfgang Fabian

Made in Germany

Vendor: Lamy

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