Corporate Guest Books

Customise a guest book for your next corporate event by adding a title or logo.  Opt for printed pages or a blank style signature book to gather guest information from your event.  

Corporate Guest book with embossed logo

To add a logo to a book from our online collection - simply select 'Add Custom Logo' under the personalisation heading and upload a high quality jpg.  We the create a block from your image that can be stamped on the cover in silver, gold or blind (no colour).  

Once a block is created it can be used for subsequent orders.

Black leather corporate guest book with stamped logo

If you require a specific book colour, size or printed pages that is not offered in our online collection, we can work with you to design the perfect book to match your requirements. Contact us for further information.

Guest book for a guest house in black leather

Guest book customised for corporate event

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