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2023 Terrene Diary (Day-at-a-time)


Medina Mystic

This lovely, organic pattern comes from the illustrious carpet-making traditions of the Moldavian people. By mixing ideals of beauty and harmony with folk mysticism and mythology, Moldavian craftspeople elevate everyday carpets to works of art. This Terrene design comes from a contemporary rug manufacturer, Floare Carpet


  • Size: Ultra (180 x 230mm)
  • Elastic band closure
  • Decorative printed cover paper
  • FSC-certified text paper - 100gsm
  • Threaded stitching and glued
  • Conversion tables
  • Year planner
  • Mini calendars
  • Note-taking pages
  • Address book insert
  • Name plate

Vendor: Paperblanks

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