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Crafting a Full Leather Journal

February 25, 2014

There's handcrafted and there is truly handcrafted. 

This term can be used loosely and I often find that products that are labelled as handcrafted will have only 'just' come into contact with hands ... But when we say that we craft our books by hand, we mean just that.  Every individual book is crafted by hand, from the pared leather and raised bands to gluing the boards.  It is a fairly time consuming and labour intensive process, but for us it is a labour of love.  Each book is individual, not machine replicated, and it is this care and attention to detail which guarantees the longevity of our books.  

People often put their head into our View Street bindery and ask questions about the process of binding a book.  So to give you a bit of an idea, here are a few pictures showing some of the steps involved in 'hand' crafting the cover of one of our full leather journals.

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